DWT Video Archive

Listed below are some of the video demonstrations that DWT has had during this “Virtual Meeting” time. Click on the underlined links to have the videos open in a new window.

DWT Wooden Eggs – Mark Kielpinski – Mark makes several wooden eggs and shows the process he uses to turn these between centers. Several ways to embellish the eggs are also shown.

DWT Spheres – Mark Kielpinski – Making a sphere (ball). Mark shows us the process he uses to create a sphere.

DWT Spindles – Mark Kielpinski – A variety of spindle turning. Mark shows us a few different spindles and covers how to make a bead on a spindle and a cove.

DWT Christmas Ornament – Ron Day – Making a hollow Christmas ornament with decorative icicles. Ron covers how to make the ornament and hollow it and then how to make the top and bottom icicles.

DWT Pens – Steve Hamar – The process of pen making. Steve walks us through his process of making pens from wood selection to finished product.