President’s Challenge

President’s Challenge 2016

For each of our meeting months we will have a “President’s Challenge”. Basically it is a challenge from me to each of the DWT members to turn a specific item. Members bring their items to the next meeting, not for a judging, but to verify that they have completed the challenge. You can bring it in for “Show and Share” if you would like. I will keep track of who has brought in the challenge item and a drawing will be done from the members that participated that month. For those that participate in ALL of the challenges, there will be an end of year “Final Drawing”.

The “Challenge” lies not in the items we are trying to create, but in finding the time to complete the turning and to acquire new skills. It does not matter what level you may consider yourself, complete the challenge. Hopefully we can make more connections to help ourselves learn and get assistance in developing our abilities.

What if you can’t make a meeting but want to complete the challenge. Send it in with a DWT member or bring it to the next meeting and you’ll get credit for the completed challenge.

Congratulations go out to DeWayne for completing the President’s Challenges and being drawn as the “Grand Prize Winner” for 2016.

If you have questions, contact Mark K. at the next meeting.

  • January – President’s Challenge Introduction
  • February – Create a Hollow Form
  • March – 10 Tops or a Small Bowl
  • April – There is no President’s Challenge this month as both John and I will be at the Utah Symposium
  • May – 10 Tops or a Turned Item you plan to “Gift” to someone
  • June –
  • July –
  • August –
  • September –
  • October – Christmas Gift or 10 Tops or 10 Weed Pots
  • November – Turner’s Choice – Something Spectacular
  • December – Final Month To Bring Items