Career Academy Mentoring

The Bismarck Career Academy and the Dakota Woodturners (DWT) have partnered to provide woodturning instruction and experiences for the students at the Bismarck Career Academy. DWT members mentor students in a variety of activities to give them hands-on access to the art of woodturning.

BPS Career Academy 2024

Please note the CHANGES (IN BOLD, UNDERLINED) to our schedule for the remaining mentoring sessions up at the Career Academy this semester. All times are class start times, so you will not be needed much earlier than that time. Each class lasts approximately 90 min.

January 29 to Feb 2

Thur      No Classes
Fri   9:45   1:55 

Feb 12 to Feb 16

Mon    9:25   11:55    1:55
Tue     9:25   11:55    1:55
Wed    9:25   11:55    1:55
Thur    9:25   11:55    1:55
Fri       NO CLASSES

Feb 26 to Mar 1  (Advanced Classes, Bowls)

Mon    7:25   11:55
Tue     7:25    11:55
Wed    7:25   11:55
Thur    7:25   11:55
Fri       NO CLASSES

Day 1 – Safety, introductions to tools / lathe, hands-on beads and coves

Day 2 – Screwdriver handle

Day 3 – Pen

Day 4 – Tops / “Harry Potter” Wand / Snowman ornaments / other

Day 5 – Complete any unfinished projects

The DWT Club has provided the wood for all projects. Screwdriver and pen parts are provided by the school. Class sizes range from 11 to 24 students. There are 8 to 12 DWT mentors needed for each session. The Mentors are encouraged to bring in turned items each day to display for the students. The DWT Club assists with additional tools / lathes if needed. DWT organizers meet with the Bismarck Career Academy instructors each semester to set class schedules.