Symposium Specifics

DWT 2024 Hands ‐ On Woodturning Symposium
Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy, 1221 College Drive, Bismarck, ND

Friday 4:30 Setup – Please do not arrive sooner than 4:30 because the building still has school and buses at the building.
6:30 PM Meet and Greet – Demonstrators will speak briefly about what to expect in their sessions.
Saturday – 8AM Symposium starts – doors open 7:30AM
Sunday – 8AM Day begins…

Symposium Checklist Did you Remember…?

▢ Protective Facemask and/or Safety Glasses
▢ Dust Mask
▢ Hearing Protection
▢ Tool Box or Bucket – (make sure“sharp tool tips”are protected to prevent accidents ‐also be aware of your surroundings ‐take your time)
▢ Recommended tools for the symposium (if you need tools just let one of the DWT Officers know Friday evening) 
▢ Bars or cookies to share (if possible)
▢ Items for the Silent Auction
▢ Items for the Instant Gallery
▢ Purchase tickets for the Door Prize ‐2 for $5
▢ Ask questions if you are unsure, mentors will be in place and many have graciously offered additional tools, use of lathes, etc…

If you have questions, you can email us at
You may also contact DWT Officers to help answer any questions you may have regarding the symposium.

Safety Equipment:
Make sure you are bringing your own safety equipment. A face shield is required. A dust mask might also be useful as some of the projects are aiming for a “finished product”.

Tools Needed:

  1. Full face shield
  2. Dust masks
  3. Safety conscious attitude

 Kirk DeHeer


Project: Box with suction fit.
Blank : Maple soft or hard, Ash, Preferred But any tight grain hardwood will work. Dry wood is a must. This will be provided by DWT.
Size: 2 1⁄2” X 2 1⁄2” X 5”

  •  Scroll Chuck with standard jaws and insert/ adapter to fit the lathe being used.
  •  Chuck Key.
  •  Spindle Roughing gouge.
  •  3⁄8” Spindle gouge
  •  Skew Chisel. Optional
  •  Narrow parting tool. Optional
  •  Box Scraper/ Square end scraper that can be ground. Optional
  •  Sandpaper if sanding is allowed and desired.

Steve Pritchard – Tool List – Project: Gonks (gnomes)

  • Scroll Chuck with jaws to hold approximately 2″ tenon.
  • Jaws or Scroll Chuck with jaws to hold approximately 3/8″ dowel
  • Chuck Key
  • Jacobs Chuck
  • Spindle Roughing Gouge
  • 3/8″ Spindle Gouge
  • ½” Bowl Gouge (optional)
  • Narrow Parting Tool
  • Point Tool (optional)
  • Skew (optional)
  • Scissors (sharp, but not your spouse’s sewing scissors!) (optional)
  • Sharpie or dye pens (narrow point) (optional)
  • Friction Polish or other fast drying finish
  • Sandpaper

Rebecca Kielpinski – Tool List

  • Scroll chuck with jaws to grip a 2 ½” tenon
  • Chuck key
  • Bowl gouge* – used to do roughing and initial shaping
  • Spindle gouge*
  • Narrow parting tool*
  • 2 to 4 Quick Clamp bar clamps (6″ – 12″ grip)
  • Negative rake scraper – optional
  • *Gouges and parting tool must be sharp

Rotation of Presenters:
You will stay right where you started for all three rotations. In our experience it is easier to move the three presenters than to have 30 small lathes and turners move. 

Lunch is provided at the morning meeting area on both Saturday and Sunday.
There will be a table for Treats for snack times. If you are willing to bring some bars or cookies to share it would be great. This table should be located between Rooms 1 & 2.

Silent Auction:
Please bring any items you wish to donate to the Silent Auction that will be held. These items do not need to be woodworking related. Wood, books, tools, food items and craft items all work well. Proceeds go to the DWT Club to help defray the cost of the symposium.

Instant Gallery:
Please bring in some of your woodturned items to display in the Instant Gallery. These will be set up in the lobby of the Bismarck Career Academy. Invite guests to come and take a look at the wonderful artwork!


The symposium will be held at the Bismarck Public Schools Career Center on the BSC Campus (South of the Vo-Tech Center where we hold our monthly meetings).

Setup and final registration will start at 4:30PM this Friday. Keep in mind that Bismarck Public School students are using the building for their regular school day. If you are unable to setup Friday there will be time to get situated Saturday morning.

Saturday morning the events will start at 8:00AM sharp. Final instructions and arrangements will be made. Lunch is provided with your registration. Remember to pick up your envelope at the registration table.

Sunday morning sessions start at 8:00AM for our final session of hands-on turning followed by lunch. When we return from lunch the instructors will present a demonstration of their choice and participants can decide which session to attend. There is a final meeting, clean up, pack up and on your way by 3:30PM.